29 abr 2010

Presentaciones del evento HITBSecConf 2010 de Dubai

Se han publicado las presentaciones de la 4ta Annual Hack In The Box Security Conference, HITBSecConf2010 realizada desde el 19 al 22 de abril en Dubai. Ellas son:

KEYNOTE 1 - John Viega - A/V Vendors Aren't As Dumb As They Look
D1 - Daniel Mende - Attacking Cisco WLAN Solutions
D1 - Laurent Oudot - Improving the Stealthiness of Web Hacking
D1 - Dimitri Petropoulos - Attacking ATMs and HSM
D1 - Dino Covotsos - Analysis of a Next Generation Botnet
D1 - The Grugq - Crime, Kung Fu and Ric

KEYNOTE 2 - Sourcefire - Near Real Time Detection
D2 - Mariano Di Croce - SAP Penetration Testing with Bizsploit
D2 - Fred Raynal + Sogeti - Gathering and Exploiting Information
D2 - Marc Schoenefeld - Examining Android Code with undx2
D2 - Saumil Shah - Web Security - Going Nowhere?
D2 - Gynvael Coldwind - A Case Study of Recent Windows Vulnerabilities

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